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How to auto publish post on Instagram Page with PHP/cURL and without using Instagram API (1)

Instagram is one of the most difficult apps for developers to schedule auto posting without using API. Instagram is specifically designed to support uploads from mobile phones only. Instagram team only gives whitelist access to limited  third-party apps for automatic posting on a case by case basis. Another reason is Instagram team want to fight spam and low quality photos.

I was looking for a way to auto posting from website to Instagram page using PHP/cURL without using API since last two years. Lately I found two websites that are discussing about this topic.

Posting a Photo to Instagram Without a Phone


Initially I was not able to make the coding working immediately after download the source files due to several issues such as PHP 5.5 vs 5.6 issue as well as new signature key from instagram app. In this tutorial, I will show you a working draft to auto post single photo to Instagram page using PHP/cURL. I am take no responsibility if your account banned by Instagram. :)


New and Updated! Facebook Remote Status Update with PHP/cURL Bot

  • 02 September 2015 |
  • Published in Facebook
Mobile Facebook Login Page

I published "Facebook Remote Status Update with PHP/cURL Bot" in Feb 4 2014. The script was working well until early this year. I received comments and emails that script no longer working and requested an update. So here I try to find out any changes to Facebook login form and status update.

In summary, the login portion still working fine. However, Facebook has converted status update form into unicode format as well as one of the key value in the status update form. In fact, just need to change one line of my old script to continue our facebook autologin and status update.


Facebook Remote Status Update with PHP/cURL Bot

  • 04 February 2014 |
  • Published in Facebook

Facebook login form

** The script in this post no longer working properly. I have updated the script and posted at New and Updated! Facebook Remote Status Update with PHP/cURL Bot  **


In previous posts, the discussion is mainly focus on getting web page source file and perform scraping to the text file. In this post, I will show you how I use PHP/cURL to login into Facebook account and post status update at Facebook wall. Once we know how to remote posting using PHP/cURL, we can do many things such as auto posting comment into forum or blog, fill up contact form and send email to our target, login to website and pull out information we need.

For this test case, I am using XAMPP in the PC and login to Facebook mobile interface which is much simpler than its desktop version. You can try to compare Facebook login source file for both desktop and mobile version.

From the browser, go to http://m.facebook.com and there is only one login form.

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