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How to auto-follow, auto-comment and auto-like a post on Instagram Page with PHP/cURL (2)


In the last article, I use a script to autopost image to Instagram. In this article, here is a script to auto-follow, auto-like and auto-comment a batch of Instagram posting based on specific tag search results.
You need to set a group of targeted tag (or keywords). The script will randomly pick up one tag each time and search for most recent postings with this tag. To avoid being detected by Instagram, the script will only auto-follow, auto-like and auto-comment not more than 40 (you can set your number in the script) postings each batch.
Owners of the posting with high like count (example 300 like count) most likely NOT interested to know who come to like their postings. So to get the best results from the script, the code will avoid postings that already have high like count and only like those postings with like count less than 20 (you can set your number in the script). This is to get the attention of the posting owners so that they can take next cause of action, such as follow you back or say thank you to your comment. As such, your followers will increase. I will show you the results in the last part of this article.
If you are already following a user, the script will not follow that user again. It will then only like the posting of that user. This is to avoid the same user sees repeating comment from us.

So if you like what the script can do for you, here is the code!

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